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Otep S. J (Pantyhose9999)

BEFORE: Why Pantyhose is made and wear just only for Ladies! Question: Why do Japanese Ladies / Woman always wear Stockings or Pantyhose either there are in Home or Outside....? Answer: It's just because they are preventing there Feet from getting dirty,, Japanese House's are always clean and maintained... Question: Why do Secretaries, Sales Attendant in a Mall, Flight Stewardess, Teacher's, Nurse, and other Ladies work in Office's wear Stockings or Pantyhose? Answer: Because there are pairing...
Otep S. J (Pantyhose9999)

Pantyhose (called tights in the United Kingdom and a few other countries) are sheer hosiery. They are close-fitting legwear, which cover the wearer's body from the waist to the feet. Mostly considered to be a woman's and girl's garment, pantyhose appeared in the 1960s as a convenient alternative to stockings and/or control panties (which, in turn, replaced girdles). Like stockings or knee highs, pantyhose are usually made of nylon, or of other fabrics blended with nylon. Pantyhose are designed t...