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How dare she reject you? How dare she not want to give you her number? So you can study ‘Alone. Together.’ How dare she nicely reject you by saying she has a boyfriend so you don’t feel bad about yourself? You’re ‘fucking sick and tired’ of women saying that they have a boyfriend so you’ll leave them alone? Maybe women are ‘fucking sick and tired’ of most men thinking that they are entitled to a woman. Maybe women are ‘fucking sick and tired’ of having to claim they have a boyfriend as it’s the only way most men will leave them alone. This video was put up to ‘expose’ the girl but in reality it actually exposed OckTV for being self-entitled trash.
Wow what trash
On top of the commentary provided above, here we go:

What’s worse:

1) A woman saying she has a boyfriend as a way to avoid being pressured to give out personal information to a stranger who has approached her when she is quite obviously busy.


2) A man watches a woman for several minutes, records her without her knowledge, has a friend approach her to determine her relationship status, approaches her, talks to her, and (more than likely) LIES about what he’s studying, then immediately suggests she give him her personal information, time, and that they go somewhere alone. All so he can prove some “point” about women to justify his own fucking misogyny.

Because one of these is a person trying to extract themselves from an unwanted situation as delicately as possible for both parties involved, while the other is essentially stalking, lying in order to gain trust, and recording someone without their permission.

DId she lie about having a boyfriend? Yes. Of course she did. In a society where it’s common for men to either not take no for an answer, or to react in a threatening or violent manner to rejection, pleading “boyfriend” is the safest route in most situations, because men are more likely to take that as a “legitimate” no. And to be perfectly frank, this lie isn’t hurting anyone, so acting like it’s some huge betrayal of an unwanted stranger’s trust is the purest essence of douchebaggery.

The fucker of all of this? Pleading boyfriend doesn’t work all the time. Pointing to my wedding ring and saying I was married didn’t work on a random guy on a bus to stop hitting on me, or suggest we go get drinks together. He wouldn’t stop harrassing me (in a way he thought was charming, I’m sure) until I got off the bus, three stops early in a city I didn’t know. I did that for no other reason than to get away from him, and once I felt I was a safe distance away, I just leaned against a wall and cried. The part is, that guy is far from the only one to disregard me saying no when I’ve said I’m married, unless my husband is actually there.

That level of disregard is terrifying. These men don’t respect your personal space, then they don’t accept no in any form. Why the hell wouldn’t anyone do whatever they could to get out of this situation as quickly and quietly as possible?

Fuck this guy and his entitlement. If you think he has some grand fucking point about women being terrible liars, then fuck you too.
Guess what it’s illegal to record or photograph someone without their knowledge/consent! The boyfriend defense is most effective with a male near you because

men tend to see women as objects and will back off another man’s “property.” So this issue you’re “fucking sick and tired of,” men? You created it. Women risk their lives if they say no.
Her body language says A LOT!
The boyfriend thing is a way of rejecting a guy when you feel too unsafe/uncomfortable to say “no” outright. It’s used when it is obvious that a simple “no” is NOT going to appease the weirdo who is trying to get you alone.