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As a man who has had a fascination with women in nylons since... Forever... I can only speak for myself. For me, its all about sheer nylons, stockings or pantyhose, it doesn't matter which. Women's legs look infinitely more sexy in them. The whisper of the flimsy fabric on the leg, the way it crinkles up around the back of the knee when sitting, or the ankle when walking or circling the foot in the air. There is a sence of sensuality about it. It's something uniquely feminine that makes a woman's legs and feet look hugely attractive. They make a woman's legs look soft, silky, smooth, and sexy. When you think about it, those qualities are the antithesis of a man... Hard, strong, ripped (muscles). Opposites attract - men and women are opposites. It seems to me, quite a natural thing for men to be attracted to a women wearing anything that punctuates those opposite qualities of himself... I.E: Nylons.