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Here is one of my old stories. I have a few more. M wants to write one together as well. We don't get very far before we start fucking though...doubtful we'll ever finish one. Sorry...I digress.

So I’m on a flight to Chicago a few weeks ago. it was one of those run of the mill “have to head to headquarters for a meet and greet” with new hires and whatnot. just damn lucky to get the upgrade is about all I’m thinking. there isn’t much near the usual hotel so i decided this time to stay a little closer to the airport.

The security lines aren’t too bad…better than a normal monday. one thing i hate though is how airline personnel always skip through the lines even though there is an employee line. i’ve seen it so many times. They bug past us only to see them liesurely getting a cup of coffee on the other end. grrr. at any rate, the same happens today. only this time i was more amicable to let it go without so much as a sneer. why you ask? well, this time there was no flight attendant in a pantsuit but this time; it was a nice above the knee skirt with seamed back pantyhose and high heels. the blouse with one of those choker scarves was also a nice touch. she looked pretty hot if you ask me. didn’t hurt that she had a nice smile too. i tried my best not to oogle over her sexy as shit legs. not 100% sure if she noticed or not but oh well. i’ll never see her again.

Or will I?

As it turns out, I got to my gate and low and behold…there she was. right by the door behind the sign that says “airline personnel only.” i figured at this point…or hoped rather that she was working my flight and didn’t just get there so early that maybe she was working the next flight. as luck would have it; prior to pre-boarding, she hopped on my flight to chicago! woo hoo!

Then, another lucky break…she was working the 1st class cabin too. This almost always means they’ll be a little nicer. so i shove my stuff up in to the overhead bin and take my seat in 1D. i always try to get the bulkhead on the right side of the plane because it is the only seat that puts you in eyeshot of the flight attendants sitting in the galley jumpseat.

So as we prep for take off, I finish my cranapple and hand it to her. Then i break out my newspaper and fold it up so that i can make it look like i’m reading it at almost any angle. so she (for names sake we’ll give her a name and call her Lacy) sits down with her male attendant counterpart for takeoff.

So i have my business section of the paper opened up. I shift to a side that puts me in view of her lovely legs. i am trying to be as discreet as possible and i don’t just sit there and stare the whole time. I just grab a peek when I can. as i look over one time, she shifts herself and i almost got an open shot up her skirt. but she was lady-like enough to just not make that happen. almost…but not quite. at least i have the rest of the flight to look forward to.

as service started, i pretty much turned my ipod on and grabbed a look as she walked by. only once as i grabbed a peek did she quickly turn around to ask if i needed another drink or snack. hopefully, i wasn’t too obvious. she was really nice though.

as we start to descend into O’hare, i pretty much did the newspaper routine although this time, she and her partner switched sides of the seat. it sort of sucks because maybe she realized i was pervving at her legs and it made her uncomfortable. who knows? but i still got some good knee shots but nothing too big.

and i pretty much thought that was it. i figured i’d head to the hotel, put on a pantyhose porn dvd, think of lacy’s legs and pull my cock out to stroke it until i blew a hot load into something.

that was until i made it to the bar near the hotel lobby. i didn’t go directly to the hotel, i wasted a little time getting my rental car and grabbing a light bite to eat. thats when i peered over and saw Lacy and 2 other flight attendants checking in. wow…almost couldn’t believe my luck. well, not really, not like i’d do anything about it. sure, she was hot and all but there was no way she hooks up with dudes from flights. so i sat there for a little bit getting a couple more drinks. not even 10 minutes later, lacy sits down at the other end of the bar. wow. the only think shitty about my luck is that i couldn’t see her legs at all and i certainly wasn’t going to switch seats. i did however, think to buy her a drink. so i told the bartender that whatever she wanted was on me and to tell her it looked like she’s had a long day. the bartender walks over to her and has a little chat. after a minute or two, she leans to the side and smiles and mouths “thank you”

after she gets her drink, she was the one to switch seats and she grabs the other corner chair next to me. “so, i look rough huh? like i’ve had a busy day?” she says.
“oh no. i didn’t mean it that way. i just meant that i noticed you guys checked in after i did and i sort of wasted time getting here to the hotel. so i figured you guys probably had a problem with your other spot.”
“geez” she said. “how much do you travel to know that?”
“well, its not that, i just have noticed that at a lot of hotels, you guys get there faster than almost anyone.”
“yea, typically, we do. you’re right, we had a problem. the place was pretty much sold out and when i got to my room…it really reeked. i don’t know what it was. it wasn’t just smoke, it was like smoke and really bad B.O.”

“ew, that’s not good” i said. “lucky for you they had some rooms open here. but where are your mates?”

“they’re upstairs. getting room service i reckon. i just needed to unwind a bit. we have a fairly quick turnaround in the morning” she said as i noticed a shoe starting to dangle from her foot. “so i really appeciate the drink”
“what is it by the way?”
“its just a vodka/cran with kettle one. just a little something to take the edge off.”
“cool. well, i’m very glad to help you out. i think you guys are some of the most unappreciated professionals around. its the least i could do.”
‘well, thanks’ lacy said. ‘not many folks really care about what we have to deal with in a day’
‘yea, i bet. but all those exotic locations you get to go to’ i said with a sneering laugh.
‘yea, you know as well as i do that it ain’t all its cracked up to be. so, let me ask you. i take it you’re a “leg” man?” she asked so abruptly that i almost pannicked.
‘uhhh, i’m sorry. what do you mean?’
‘well, i noticed that you kept peeking at my legs throughout the flight. so i guess i just take that to say you’re a leg man.’ she said with no animosity in her voice…just a little “caught ya” sort of tone.
‘actually, errr, well…sort of i guess. i mean its not that simple; but i guess you could say i’m a leg man.’
‘ok, that doesn’t make any sense’ she said. ‘i guess it could have been my ass though right? something wrong with my ass?” she said playfully.
‘ha ha…yea, its the legs. i mean i really like your choice in hosiery. the seamed back stockings or pantyhose you’re wearing are really nice.”
‘oh really. well, its pantyhose. i’m not sure i’d wear stockings. i’d hate to reach up to an overhead bin or kneel down and give someone a full shot. they’d think i was some hoochie flight attendant or something.’
‘no way, i’d think that.’
‘i didn’t even think guys noticed stuff like that.’
‘well, they do if they…never mind.’
‘do if they what?’ she asked
‘well, i sort of have this thing for ladies in pantyhose and stockings and stuff.’
‘nooooo way. really?’ she blurted taking another sip of her drink.
‘yea, personally, i just think it looks really sexy on a women.’
‘you know, i’ve been hit on by a lot of guys from my flights but i can say, thats’ the first time i’ve heard that one’ lacy said as she shifted her weight on the bar stool, uncrossing and crossing her legs.
‘like that. that right there. holy shit it is such a turn on’ i said.
‘what? what are you talking about?”
‘well, that shift. the crossing. the sound your legs make.’
‘hmmm, really?” she said. then she put her hands down to lift herself up off the stool and began to cross, uncross, cross and uncross. ‘you mean that??’
‘ha ha…yea, thats it. you should probably stop that now.’
‘really? why? i thought it turned you on.’
‘well, yea, it does. and that’s probably why you should stop.’
‘maybe not in this case’ said lacy as she unexpectedly reached over and felt my dick. ‘hmm, i guess you’re not lying…you’re getting pretty hard’
‘you don’t even know’ i stated.
‘so what is it about pantyhose’
‘well, i guess its the whole thing that you’re covered…but not covered you know? like you’re trying to hide your legs and pussy…yet i can still see it. and there is no turn on hotter than seeing that little cotton panel with a nice wet spot when your pussy gets hot and moist. thats the best.’
‘hmmm, really. i don’t think mine is there…yet.’
‘maybe we can get it there.’
‘yea, maybe. so tell me, i’m just curious…since you obviously can’t hook up with every flight attendant or secretary or whatever you see…what the hell do you do?’
‘yea, i mean how do you get your fix’
‘oh honey, there is a whole industry dedicated to the fetish.’
‘ooooh, fetish. i like the sound of that. but i never thought of this as a fetish.’
“oh yea, it definitely is. i mean there are DVD production companies who make tons of nylon and pantyhose porn”
“no way! really?”
‘yes way. really’
“do you have any with you?”
“of course. its like my american express. i don’t leave home without it.”
she sort of bites her lip a little bit and shyly asks “would you mind if i watched some? i mean just to check it out. i’m not into girls or anything. i just can’t believe there is a whole industry out there for that sort of stuff”
“that sort of stuff?? hey now…you’re almost offending me!!” i said with a smile.
‘no no no…i’m sorry, i didn’t mean it that way.’
‘relax dear. i’m only kidding. besides, just the thought of you wanting to go upstairs and watch some with me is giving me a raging hard on.”
“with you? i didn’t mean with you. i just meant let me borrow one”
‘oh…ummm, errr” i said
‘ha ha..relax…i’m only kidding!”
‘damn…whew. shit. i almost didn’t know what to say”
‘sorry. Just kidding. But i’m thinking i’m about to have that little wet spot you were just talking about. But i’ll see when i get upstairs.’

So I paid my bill, held out my arm and said “well…shall we?”

“oh we shall.”

Funnily enough, there was no hanky-panky in the elevator at all. I don’t know if it was the fact that the both of us were professionals and didn’t want to look trashy in the event someone was watching from either of our companies. We actually had a chat about it when we got upstairs.

So we’re upstairs and at this point; I’m feeling sort of awkward. I mean I’ve never really hooked up like this. I’ve never really done anything where by all accounts…sex is expected from this point. And since she is aware of my fetish, do I hope she indulges me or do we do the straight sex thing? So many things are racing through my head at this point.

“You suck. You got upgraded…I sure as hell didn’t. I didn’t even think this place had suites.”

Well, they don’t advertise that to the riff raff!!” I said jokingly. “The bathroom has a phone on the hopper and a hottub too! How about that?”

“Nice” she said. “You never know what emergency call might need to be made when you’re on the can.”

After that comment…I knew she was pretty down to earth, funny and could probably accept me going on raving about her pantyhose.

“So, what’s on your mind, Lacy?”

“You know…first, I can’t believe I’m even in here. I’ve never really done this sort of thing. But I have to admit, our conversation downstairs really intrigued me.”
“How so?”
“Well, I guess I’ve never really thought about it but for some reason, all of my hosiery is something other than the plain Jane stuff in the department stores. I mean I have to wear them for work and I don’t normally wear them out of the house; but still. I guess I just assumed most guys were staring at my legs because they liked my legs.”

“I’m sure that’s the case. But some of us just take it a bit further. Do you think that is weird?”
“Unique, but I don’t think it’s weird at all. But now…I have to ask. Do YOU wear them yourself?”
“Totally understandable question…and no. I don’t personally wear them. It is just the look of a woman’s leg that turns me on so easily. I guess it comes down to the first time I had sex, my girlfriend in college wore them. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. But she stuffed her hose in my jacket pocket without me knowing some time that day. I didn’t notice until a couple of days later. It was nice to pull them out and smell her on them. And I guess the rest is history. I’ve been hooked ever since.”

“I have to admit, I find that interesting and fascinating at the same time. I just never thought while putting on pantyhose…’hmmm will this totally give any fliers a hard-on today?’ So do you have any favorite types?”
“I pretty much like all kinds although I’m not into fishnets or things. I like the sheer pantyhose just like the ones you have on now.”

“So, if I were to just slink on over to your bed…lie down, start rubbing my legs together…like this…what would you do?”

“Besides stare…I don’t know. I would probably…”
So I walk over to the bed and grab her foot that was already slightly raised in the air. I slowly take over her heel and run my fingers up her calf, using two fingers on each side of the seam. I stop at about the middle of her hamstring and then back down to her feet.

“Do you have a foot fetish too?”
“Only if you want something done to them” and I start licking her soles.

She raises her leg a little higher while planting both her hands on the bed. Her skirt raises up above her thigh and I get a glimpse of her gusset.

“So, let me ask you a question now, Lacy”

“If you don’t think about what your pantyhose does to a guy, why are you not wearing panties?”
“Well, I guess I never thought of it either.”
“You don’t want to hide the fact that when your pussy gets wet; we can see it?”
“I guess my pussy isn’t getting wet for anyone I don’t want to see. Why? Can you tell I’m wet?”
“Very much.”

“Did you still want to check out a DVD?”
“Maybe later. No rush since I’m sure you don’t have to return it to a video store, right?”
“Right, its my own collection. I think you’ll see how sexy they can be.”

“I think I’m catching that drift right now. I mean I’ve never been so wet and horny and we haven’t really even done anything.”

I pull her legs closer to me at the foot of the bed. I slowly rub both hands down each leg until I get to her nice round ass. I gently place my hands on her gusset and start to rub. She moans in excitement and anticipation. I can hear her wet lips moistening together while I rub. There is definitely a wet spot on her gusset plain for all to see.

“While I rub your legs, why don’t you see how wet you are for yourself?”

She then slowly slid a hand into her pantyhose and spread her lips apart with her index and ring fingers. With her middle finger, she slowly inserted it inside her honey hole.

“Damn that’s pretty fucking wet.”

“I’d like to taste it.”
She puts her finger in deeper then adds her index finger. She slides them out and then into my mouth. It was quite tasty.

I grabbed hold of the gusset with my 2 hands and gave a little rip. “Just need to give my tongue a little access.”
“And eventually your cock, I hope” she replied.

“I hope so too. But lets not mess them up too bad”

After making an opening, I licked the inner parts of both her thighs before making my way into her hot pussy. It was extremely wet. The wettest I’ve seen from any first date. I started to lick her pussy and suck on her juice as she groaned and told me how good it felt. With her legs up in the air, I continue rubbing her calves and thighs while I licked her juicy pussy. She starts running her fingers through my hair. Gently at first but as she gets hornier and hornier, she gets more aggressive. She starts to pull on it a little bit and forcefully massage my shoulders while I’m face deep into her pussyhole. Every time my tongue hits her clit she writhes more and more. She so juicy that I start to just rub her juice all over my face, trying to lap up every ounce of her. Every swing of my face from side to side has something hit her clit. Whether it is my nose or my mouth, every time I touch her clit; she moans louder and louder.

“Is there any way while you’re doing … you know…whatever amazing thing that you’re doing… that you can have your cock in my mouth too?”

I already had my pants unzipped and I was completely raging hard and precum dripping to boot. I slowly stood up and asked her to lick it off…which she happily obliged. She grabbed a firm hold on my cock as I was about to go back down on her but she wouldn’t let go and kept sliding her lips up and down my shaft and the tip of my cock.

I grabbed her hand and she let go. I grabbed her shoulders to lay her down and then grabbed her legs. I swung them over the bed to reposition her. Then I walked to the side of the bed and had my cock and balls just hang there. She figured out what I was doing and she moved her body across the bed and had her head hang over the side. I slowly stuffed my cock back into her mouth while I leaned down and started licking her pussy again. I was licking her pussy and rubbing her legs. Raising them up a little and sniffing her pantyhose. I rubbed my hands across her ass and pulled her hose down just low enough wear I could feel on her ass under her pantyhose. I started squeezing her asscheeks and spreading them out. Her pussy was still so wet and warm. I had a few fingers inside her now and on occasion would reach down and let her taste herself.

I brought my hand back down and started to rub on her clit more forcefully this time. And faster and faster. I could tell that this could definitely get her to cum. She was so wet that my fingers so easily slid across her clit. It was almost effortless as she provided all the lubrication anyone would need. My cock was hanging by itself as she started yelling at her climax.

As I tasted her cum she then positioned herself to have my cock back in her mouth. She was gulping down my cock and I stood up while grabbing her ankles, raising her legs in the air. I had a perfect view of the tops of her thighs, lovely calves, beautiful feet and of course her completely soaked and now exposed pussy. I was starting to think I was about to blow a load myself and had to ask if she was going to drink my cum or if I needed to warn her.

“I don’t need a warning…its either going on my face or in my mouth.”

I thought that was just dirty enough to get me to cum right at that instance. I felt a pretty good load of cum shoot out and she drank me all up. She squeezed my shaft to get every bit out and was gentle enough on my head.

“Mmmm, that was nice. That was a good set of cums all the way around.”

“Want to know another good thing about pantyhose?” I asked.

“What’s that?”
“Well it is such a turnon, that I don’t really need to wait that long to get hard again. If you don’t mind me just sucking a little more juice out of that ripe pussy of yours…we’ll be good for round 2 in no time.

So I started rubbing her feet while she actually fingered her pussy. That was a pleasant surprise. Basically, she had that look like “OHH I’m so glad we’re not done.”

I just watched her play with her pussy while I rubbed her feet and legs. For some, she’d sit up feeling her clit. Other times she laid down on the bed and played with her tits and nipples. Licking them while I watched. In no time, she looked down at my cock and saw that I was rock hard again.

“I need that fat cock inside me…like in a big way.” Lacy exclaimed.

So I grabbed her by the ankles and again, slid her to the end of the bed. I was still standing but the bed was a good height for me to enter her right there. She put her hands between her legs and opened her pussylips. She said “shove that cock in me now.” And I happily obliged. It felt awesome. It was so hot and wet like my tongue and face already knew. But all that wetness engulfing my shaft and head of my cock…just felt amazing. It slid in and out so easily. She was still so wet. Her legs were up by my head with one leg on each side of my face. While I fucked her I would lick each of her pantyhose covered legs. And smell them. Just rub them all up and down feeling and hearing the pantyhose sensation while my cock rammed inside her. Every few strokes I would take my cock out of her pussy and close her legs around my dick. I would leg fuck her but just to wipe her pussy juice on her own legs…moreso on her own pantyhose that come hell or high water, I was taking as a souvenir. It was so easy to get my cock in and out of her. It took no effort on either of our parts. I would just slide my cock in for a few and then rub her juices on her leg…then back into her waiting pussy.

After a few rounds of pussy juice rubbing, I started to just rail her. Hard. My thighs were slamming up against her ass making a distinct clapping noise. She moaned in tune with my rammings. She started fingering her clit while I fucked her hard. She started screaming enough to where I figured she was cumming again. Which was nice because I wasn’t quite there yet. I then started to grab her ankles a little tighter and a little tighter. She asked if I was going to cum. I said yes and she said she wanted my cum on her hose.

As I started to explode, I pulled out and she grabbed my cock and continued stroking it. I unloaded right above the hole that exposed her warm pussy and she rubbed my cum into her hose.

“That was amazing.”

“You’re telling me. That was a lot of fun. So what are you going to do with your pantyhose now that they are ripped?”
“Well, I was hoping I could take them off for you…and … errr…well, maybe keep them.”

“Tell you what I’ll do. I had you cum on them because I was going to keep them for my own first time fucking in pantyhose. How about I get an address and I can masturbate in a nice, new pair and gets my pussy wet all over the cotton panel thingy? Then I’ll send them to you.”

“Ok, that will certainly do just fine.”

Just under two weeks later I received a lovely smelling package from Lacy.