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Prior to my senior year in high school; I never gave stockings; hose or any nylons a second thought. Then, one rainy day in southern Mississippi; my girlfriend and two friends (bf/gf) decided to skip school and head back to Richard’s house for the day. Since it was raining and forecast to rain all day; both football and cheerleading practice would be cancelled. So Richard and I and Danielle (his g/f) and Shay (my gf) didn’t have to worry about missing any practice (if it matters; I was a running back and he was a wide receiver and they were both cheerleaders and part of the winter color guard).
So we ditched classes, grabbed some stuff to munch on throughout the day and went back to his Richard’s house. Shay and I were of course, sitting together in the back seat. We had all been friends long enough where we didn’t need to have dude’s up front and chics in the back or anything. I would guess that this was the first time I had ever noticed pantyhose in a sexual way. Shay was wearing this light blue skirt and had a pair of Tan Legg’s pantyhose. They had a cotton gusset. She was always able to tan but we were getting towards the fall so I guess she still wanted to look a little darker. At any rate, we started to make out in the back seat and I started to caress her legs. I was immediately entranced by the way the felt. They were so smooth and even with the car running I could hear the rustle as she moved her legs. It was a pretty huge turn on. Shay also figured this out as she felt my crotch. She felt my cock swelling and whispered this sort of “oh my; what’s gotten in to you” sort of thing. I don’t know if it was just the pantyhose or if it was her scent, which in the late 80’s would of course be Obsession, but I couldn’t wait to get to the house. There also might have been a bit of edgy uncertainty because this was shaping up to be my first time. Not just my first time with Shay; but my first time. I guess I got too busy with football and other stuff to wait until my Senior year.
So I did whisper back to her “so does it look like this is going to happen?” I had never been more excited in my life. I mean here; sitting next to me; was a beautifully, curvaceous blonde who was gently rubbing my cock. She leaned in, lifter her leg and put it on top of my leg; and said “if you want this; it certainly is going to happen. I’ve got something to show you when we get to the house.” I was just crazy with anticipation because I had no idea what she possibly could have been hiding since we had been with each other all morning.
We finally get to the Richard’s house. After we went inside, I was wondering if we’d have to do any small talk to make it not look awkward that we really wanted to find the nearest room; rip off each other’s clothes and ravage each other’s bodies. As luck would have it; Richard basically got us through the door and said; Chris, you and Shay can take the guest room and don’t worry the sheets are clean. Danielle and I will be in my room and, well, we’ll see ya when we see ya.
I’m sure that there was no way to hide the expression of sheer joy on my face. Luckily, I looked at Shay and she was equally happy to go right to the room. So then, the terror sort of set in because now, I was thinking “holy crap; this is going to happen. Right here; right now.”
So I take off my jacket and take Shay’s off and lay them on the chair next to the bed. She immediately sits down on the corner of the bed nearest me. I’m still standing and I just give her this look. She realizes my intentions. She sort of scooches back a little bit while she crosses her legs. She uncrosses and re-crosses them a couple of time just so I can hear her legs. She had already taken off her shoes and her feet were pointed out and she was rubbing the arch of her foot up her leg. At first, she did it only halfway up her shin and calf. So I couldn’t see up her skirt at all.
Then she asks me, “so I take it you like my pantyhose?”
I replied, “yes, they are very sexy. I really had no idea that they would turn me on as much as they do. But they do, in a big way.”
“I noticed that in the car, hun.”
“Well, it is hard to hide it when I’m looking at something so damn sexy. What am I supposed to do?”
She replied, “well, you could know that I’m pretty turned on myself. Remember that I told you I had a surprise.”
“Yes, and I’ve really been wondering just what in the hell you’ve been hiding.”
“Well, this is what I’ve been hiding.” She then lifts her skirt. She inches it up very slowly. As it crosses her thighs, I begin to see what she was hiding. She finally gets her skirt over her thighs and I see that not only the gusset of her pantyhose but her entire crotch is soaked. It is so moist that several inches beyond her gusset is darker than the rest of her crotch.
I had to ask “were you fingering yourself when I wasn’t looking or are you just that horny?”
“I haven’t touched myself. Yet. I was hoping you could do that for me.”
“What do you mean by yet though.”
“I mean this.” Shay then reaches back and unzips her skirt. At first, her legs are straight and together, but then, with the ‘fuck me’ look in her eyes, she spreads her feet and opens her knees. She raises her tight ass of the bed and slides up her skirt. She does it very slowly so I can get a good shot of that extremely soaked crotch. Then, she lowers her ass back onto the bed and raises her feet up off the corner of the bed. She puts her left foot at the bottom of the crotch of my jeans and proceeds to place her right hand inside her pantyhose. She inserts a couple of her fingers and you can hear the wetness as she moves them inside. She takes them out and motions for me to step over. As I get to her; she motions the “come here” with the two fingers that were just in her pussy. She puts them in my mouth and OH GOD did they taste good. Luckily, we had made the time throughout our courtship to pleasure each other orally. I knew that I had to get my face down to her crotch as soon as possible.
So I asked her, “ok, I need to lick you but you have your pantyhose on.”
“No problem, hun, here you go.” She doesn’t take them off, but just takes them down enough for me to fit my face between the crotch of her pantyhose behind my head and her glistening pussy in front of my face. Not being able to stand it, I had to lunge my tongue into her just to get a taste. I curled my tongue inside her and lapped out a nice mouthful of her sweet nectar. She has never tasted so good. I can feel her hands on the back of my head pressing me into her. I can also feel that she is pressing her wet pantyhose crotch against my head as well. I don’t know if she wanted to mark her territory or not but I certainly didn’t mind that her scent was on the back of my head.
My cock was raging and I had precum dripping off the tip for quite some time. Shay then screamed out, “come put your dick in my mouth. I’d like you to shoot your first load in my mouth so I can taste it.” I happily obliged. Hell, I knew I wouldn’t get but a couple of strokes in her anyway as I felt I was already about to burst. So I unravel myself from her pussy/pantyhose cage and hop up at attention. With all of me at attention. The precum was about to drip off when Shay leaned down to lap it up and then grab the shaft of my dick. She looked up at me with such a saucy look in her eyes as she inserted my head in her mouth. With the tip of my dick in her mouth she mumbles “how many licks do you think it will take?”
“Not many, I’m sure.”
“I hope not. Because I really want you to fuck me. And fuck me soon.”
She wraps her lips around the rest of my cock and in a matter of what seemed like seconds; I am about to shoot my load. She strokes my shaft while sucking on my head. I didn’t have to tell her I was going to cum because she knew. So I spew my hot jizz in her mouth and she grips my shaft to expel every last bit into her mouth.
“So that should do it for round 1, right?” she said.
I agreed and sat down next to her. I told her that I’d like to hit the bathroom but I couldn’t get over the fact that her soaked pussy was sitting right there in desperate need of attention. By now, her pantyhose were back on correctly but that wouldn’t stop me. I lean down to sniff her crotch and caress her thighs. I rubbed her pussy through the gusset just to make sure she was still going to be ready for round 2.
She was just as wet as before she started sucking my cock. I excused myself for just a minute. Upon my return, Shay was lying on the bed under the covers. I looked down and asked “you’re not tired are you?”
“Oh, of course not. I’m just getting started.”
So I didn’t get in bed with her; I crawled up the covers from the foot of the bed only stopping when I got to her wet box. I reach up the back of her ass to pull her hose over to gain access to my wet treasure. At this point, be a little inexperienced on how to properly access hose clad bodies, I just took them off. I was hard again and she was still as juicy as ever. So I didn’t just cast them aside; I laid her hose next to us as slide inside her and start to pump away. It was such a good feeling; unlike anything I had ever imagined. As we started off a little slow, it wasn’t long until I had her legs over my shoulder for maximum penetration. Several hard pumps later, I slam myself into her as I spurt off another load.
Getting back to her pantyhose; I never knew as we were leaving what happened to them. As a matter of fact, I was worried she left them in the room. What I didn’t know until later that night was that she put them in my jacket pocket. As I got home, I hung up my jacket in my closet and notice the pocket was zipped close; which I rarely do. I open up the pocket and much to my joy; was that pair of Tan Leggs with the distinct hint of Shay and Obsession. I’ll never forget it.